Saturday, July 4

Earl's house renovation #one - Hallway

Hallway before 1 March 2009. Notice Princess in the corner.
Hallway today. Katie, do you remember that there was a furnace vent in the hall floor? The rug was over it. Now we have a complete wood floor. The floors were all refinished, from the kitchen through to the bedrooms. And see the clock on the wall? That is the same one that always sat in the little niche in the dining room. It was at Mamaw and Pappy's during the time we were in Poland. When I brought it home the other day the hour hand was loose. A great guy fixed it for me and showed me that it was made to be hung on a wall. Look close, and you will see that it indeed does have a frame around it!


  1. The floor looks great, but I will miss all the scratches from the dogs.

  2. Where are the pictures of the bathroom?



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