Thursday, December 10

Playing in the leaves

I am now 9 months old and out weigh Princess by 30 pounds! Even though I tip the scale at 82 pounds, she still out weighs me in attitude...she is the "Princess".

Monday, October 19

a walk in the sunshine

.... is this autumn?
.... can't we go for a swim?

I always keep my eye on Princess, she tells me what to do....

...crossing the bridge back home

Wednesday, October 7

me and my feline buddy

... just don't tell Tony that I am sitting really close to him and telling all of you that we are buddies.

Saturday, August 29

Graduation Day

I have completed my studies in Puppy Pre-school Training. I have a certificate of learning, and will be entering the next Puppy Training session in the fall. My expertise was in the philosophy of "settle", with a concentration in "walk". My instructor named me the "ornamental labrador".

Friday, August 21

Salty Dawgs

Ready to get back on the boat.
Tired and happy puppies. We are still puppies, 5 months old.

Thursday, August 20

Things to do on Money Island

1. Run along the shore

2. Mud flat exploring

3. Swimming.

4. Resting.

5. Some digging

Wednesday, August 19

Voyage to Money Island

Ella and I are on our way to play at low tide. We are so excited that mama has to hold onto our leashes to keep us on board!

Daddy lays the anchor line, so the boat will still be here when we get back, and we can hardly hold still. We are ready to jump in the water!

Ladies first. Here we go ..... !!

Tuesday, August 11

Ella visits

After a morning swim, Ella and I share a bone, while Pappy swings on the front porch.

Monday, August 10

the coolest room in the house

It is hot and humid outside, this is my favorite room in the house. Except when Hank closes the shower door and then calls me.

Friday, August 7

Friday, July 24

Poolside at the Puppy Party

Ella and "Uptown" checking out the puppy pools. There was a bigger pool for the little girls.
Ella had perfect party manners, she introduced herself to her new friend.
This handsome frenchman is "Doc". Our present to the birthday girls was gift donation to the Humane Society in their names.
Group photo time was fun, too! Ella is sneaking a kiss from "Phifer", I think she got carried away and forgot all about her party manners!

Tuesday, July 21

dressed up for a Puppy Party!

Two of my little neighbors, gave us these matching outfits so we could go to their puppy themed birthday party. When you are a 6 year old girl , it is important to dress in style. We are excited about our first party... But Hank isn't quiet as thrilled. Maybe Lindy and Sophie should have thought that Hank needed a matching outfit like us?

Thursday, July 9

Another boat ride! YIPEE!

This time Mom had to really try to keep me from jumping into the water.
She forgot to tell Hank how I had tried to dive in,
and the next trip he took me on, I did just that!

Wednesday, July 8

Ella ate a piece of a razor blade!

But she is okay! The vet xrayed her tummy to see where it was.
And it was on it's way out...

Tuesday, July 7

Visiting Ella and Mamaw

Everyone is surprised that I am beginning to grow bigger than Ella,
she is becoming my "Little" Sister

Monday, July 6

renovation #6 - back porch

Back porch then



Now, with trimmed out windows and insulated walls, and of course, fresh paint


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