Thursday, February 18

wash day

It is too cold outside to get our bath in the backyard, so we find a "dog washing station" at a local hardware store! After the bath we get a treat from the lady at the check out!

Ladies first

I am always eager to try something new..!

Inside the tub.

The dryer worried me.

Tuesday, February 16

No matter what the weather,
our friendly neighbor Julie
always has a treat for us when she walks her dogs.

Thursday, February 4

...warmer days

It has been cold and rainy here the past few weeks, so we are thinking back on warmer October days.
photos by Clay Walking Eagle

Wednesday, February 3

chasing Princess by Clay Walking Eagle

The photos in this next series were taken by our friend Clay Walking Eagle. Just so happened that my camera got wet on the boat trip over to the island... Luckily Clay snapped away and we have a great series of photos from the day. It was the last trip we made over before the days got to chilly, and we got too busy with holiday preparations.


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