Saturday, August 29

Graduation Day

I have completed my studies in Puppy Pre-school Training. I have a certificate of learning, and will be entering the next Puppy Training session in the fall. My expertise was in the philosophy of "settle", with a concentration in "walk". My instructor named me the "ornamental labrador".

Friday, August 21

Salty Dawgs

Ready to get back on the boat.
Tired and happy puppies. We are still puppies, 5 months old.

Thursday, August 20

Things to do on Money Island

1. Run along the shore

2. Mud flat exploring

3. Swimming.

4. Resting.

5. Some digging

Wednesday, August 19

Voyage to Money Island

Ella and I are on our way to play at low tide. We are so excited that mama has to hold onto our leashes to keep us on board!

Daddy lays the anchor line, so the boat will still be here when we get back, and we can hardly hold still. We are ready to jump in the water!

Ladies first. Here we go ..... !!

Tuesday, August 11

Ella visits

After a morning swim, Ella and I share a bone, while Pappy swings on the front porch.

Monday, August 10

the coolest room in the house

It is hot and humid outside, this is my favorite room in the house. Except when Hank closes the shower door and then calls me.

Friday, August 7


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