Friday, July 24

Poolside at the Puppy Party

Ella and "Uptown" checking out the puppy pools. There was a bigger pool for the little girls.
Ella had perfect party manners, she introduced herself to her new friend.
This handsome frenchman is "Doc". Our present to the birthday girls was gift donation to the Humane Society in their names.
Group photo time was fun, too! Ella is sneaking a kiss from "Phifer", I think she got carried away and forgot all about her party manners!

Tuesday, July 21

dressed up for a Puppy Party!

Two of my little neighbors, gave us these matching outfits so we could go to their puppy themed birthday party. When you are a 6 year old girl , it is important to dress in style. We are excited about our first party... But Hank isn't quiet as thrilled. Maybe Lindy and Sophie should have thought that Hank needed a matching outfit like us?

Thursday, July 9

Another boat ride! YIPEE!

This time Mom had to really try to keep me from jumping into the water.
She forgot to tell Hank how I had tried to dive in,
and the next trip he took me on, I did just that!

Wednesday, July 8

Ella ate a piece of a razor blade!

But she is okay! The vet xrayed her tummy to see where it was.
And it was on it's way out...

Tuesday, July 7

Visiting Ella and Mamaw

Everyone is surprised that I am beginning to grow bigger than Ella,
she is becoming my "Little" Sister

Monday, July 6

renovation #6 - back porch

Back porch then



Now, with trimmed out windows and insulated walls, and of course, fresh paint

Sunday, July 5

renovation #five - living room

New windows in living room and dining room.

Our improved hallway.
New door, remember how Princess had scatched the old one? Poor puppy-dog.
It will get painted soon, maybe an off white to match the new doors in the hall.

Daddy painting the outside window trim.

Katie, we hope you were able to get an idea of how the renovation looks. We missed your input during this time of change! Can't wait for you to be here and enjoy our new-old home with us.
Love, Mama 4:20

(In case anyone other than Katie, has read about our renovation, just wanted y'all to know that this was the easiest way for our KT to see the changes our old home has been through in the past 4 months. She has flown the coop and now lives in the land of 10,000 lakes!)

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog...

more of #four

renovation #four - bathroom

Then, our little narrow bathroom. Hardly enough space to sit on the john.
Sitting side-saddle kept your feet out of the tub.

Now the view from the hallway! This door is the original door, made ito a pocket door. And the window stayed in the same place.

Then, looking out into the hallway. The linen closet and a small hall closet occupied this area...

That is now the sink!
Hank in the demolition phase.
A nice shower is in the area where your room was. Right where the bed was.

The view into the laundry to the left and the hallway to the right.

renovation #three - master bedroom and bathroom entrance




Now the wall is gone that seperated your rooms.

There are two doors into the bathroom. One from the hall, and one from our room/laundry.
Into the new bathroom....

and more of #two - dressing area of laundry

The wall where your closet was...

is now our closet.
Katie when you look at these photos, start at the entry
titled #one. I will post more "before-and-after" photos tomorrow.

Saturday, July 4

more of #two - Laundry (and dressing room)

Doorway out into the hall.
Now. Instead of having a dresser and closet in our new bedroom, this is where are clothes are kept. This is the space from your and Hank's old closets combined.

renovation #two continued - new laundry

The wall next to the bathroom, before...
And now. We used your old dresser, maybe one day we will get a linen closet. The cabinet under the window is a big storage bench. As you can see I still have stuff to put away!

renovation #two - new Laundry

Looking into Katie's old room...

Which is now the laundry. A vast improvement, since the washer and dryer have been on the back porch for the last 26 years!

The wall seperating your room and Hank's was removed, but the closet spaces were combined into one closet.

This was...

This is! Our new washer and dryer.

This picture is a bit dark, I didn't turn on any lights, and kept the shutters closed. The shutters were in Hank's old room. You can see how much the new bathroom has taken over your old room. The wall now is right next to the window.

renovation #one continued - in the hallway

Doors going into Katie's room, on the left, and Hank's room, on the right. The bathroom door is to the far left. It stays where it is.

The new doors are centered at the end of the hall. Daddy and Hank did all of the demolition. I will post a video of Hank at a later time. Daddy put the trim and wood paneling back when it was done.

The new room! Our room is to the right.

Old view of the bathroom and closet doors.

New hallway. Niche was moved from the dining room, the little closet space was added into the bathroom.


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