Monday, September 15

He takes advantage of us and steals the fisherman's bait! He later catches the fish they threw back.
Island holiday means one thing to Earl, fishing in the surf non-stop.

Monday, July 14

Princess is now "Her Majesty"

Princess turned 16 years old this month. A neighbor suggested we now call her "Her Majesty" in honor of her years and wisdom.

Tuesday, March 11

The new girl in town, Sadie. The look on Earl's face is because this little puppy was growling at him. She was guarding her toy!

Monday, March 10

2014's Reading Students

Earl still has his interest in books, he encourages the kids to read every chance they can.

Thursday, September 26

Autumn is here and Earl will soon be listening to children read to him at the elementery school. His time at the library will continue, and more children will gain confidence in reading aloud, while he lies next to them, enjoying the contact and acceptance, that only kids can give him. He loves us, but when he sees little kids he melts into a submissive puppy puddle.

Monday, July 29

Monday, October 22

Back to School

Earl spent the summer vacation going to the beach, fishing and swimming...And being at the library listening to kids read books to him!
Now that school is back in session, we have a regular morning scheduled with the kids. He seems to enjoy being there with them. Throughout the semester the guys will read, and we keep a tally of the pages. It will improve their reading and communication skills. This type of therapy provides a relaxed nonjudgemental environment, that hopefully gets the kids excited about reading! Earl makes reading "fun"!

Wednesday, March 28

Earl's Calling

Earl is now an official Therapy Dog! He and I have taken and passed the Good Citizen Test and the training for the therapy program. The Canines for Therapy program trains owners and their dogs to provide animal-assisted visitations in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, group homes and treatment facilities. He had his first visit to a retirement community and was so sweet and calm with the residents.
I have observed a team with the Canines for Literacy Program and hope to be added to the elementary school schedule in the fall.
We are fortunate to have this program right here in our town. The folks that trained us are compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviors.

Thursday, November 17

waiting for permission

Earl doesn't take a toy away from Princess.
He waits for permission. She has taught him
to be a good dog.

Friday, October 7

walk for CCFA

.....................................................................................We participated in a walk around Greenfield Lake to raise awareness to the little known inflammatory bowel diseases of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's. Go to CCFA to learn more. OR click on the title above.

Tuesday, September 6

Mamaw boards a boat to Masonboro Island

Right as we got to the pier to board the boat, Ella ran down the gangplank and stopped on the edge of the dock! Everyone said "Whew, thought she was going in the water..!" And then she - Jumped off the dock into the water and sank like a rock! Keith yanked her into the boat and she obediently sat still for the rest of the ride over to the island!

Ella dragged Mamaw to the surf...

Earl "fished" most of the time, while Ella attempted to swim out to some surfers.

They named me Earl

a little video made in 2009, when Earl was 2 months old....

Sunday, September 4

Hurricane Irene

When we are under a hurricane warning, we head to Pappy and Mamaw's house on the other side of the waterway.

And after the storm passes, we do some debris clean-up....

Thursday, July 21

Hoops From Helen

This spring Hank helped
organize Hoops From Helen,
a basketball tourny
that raises funds for a local charity, "Hope From Helen".
Families facing expenses
incurred due to an illness, are the receipients.
If you would like more info,
please click on the title for this blog
entry and find out more!

Wednesday, July 20

the Mastiff puppy

At six months she is almost as big as Earl. He weighs more now, but she may be 30 pounds more that he when full grown. She is a Neopolitan Mastiff, and she is a sweet girl.

Tuesday, July 19

new girl friend

Sydney is the new puppy on the block. She's 6 months old, and this was her first boat ride. I showed her how to eat jelly fish and run in the water.

Monday, January 24

Training update

Hank has been training me to retrieve. After he showed me how -
I did in fact retrieve a duck.

Sunday, September 5

swimming the channel

Following beside Hank, Dad and I swim over to the island.

going back for Dad


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