Saturday, May 30

I like this boat thing

My family didn't just toss me on the boat and expect me to like it.

They took time to gradually introduce me to the motor noise,

and the unstable surface of the deck.

They watched me to see if I was stressing about the new surroundings.

After several visits, where we all just sat in the boat, we finally had a short ride.

Now I can take a little trip to the beach.

Thursday, May 28

Class Time with Ella

Our class continues.
This time Hank is learning
about us and how we learn.
"Come" is not an option. Once we hear that word,
they have to follow through,
and make us obey.
Treats are big motivators!

Monday, May 25

Friday, May 22

More shots at the Vet

The vet's kitty wasn't happy about my barking!
I now weigh in at 19.7 pounds! Princess has lost two pounds, I think because she is now playing with me! And she doesn't get as much people food as she used to.
I'll not get any either, so I won't end up overweight and a "begger".
My treats come as praise for learning new commands. I'm a fast learner!

Monday, May 11

Ella and Pappy

Mamaw and Pappy love my BIG sister, Ella, but she sure is mean to me.
Here she is 9 weeks old, 15 pounds.

Sunday, May 10

Chillin' in the grass

While "Dad" is pickin'...
This guy lives in the neighborhood and was walking his dog when they stopped to "look at the cool puppy" (that's me) He got around to asking about the banjo pickin' he hears from our front porch. Turns out he's a mighty fine guitar picker - and he sings too! Princess and I love that music.

Saturday, May 9

Friendly Stores

Some stores are "pet friendly" This nice lady fixed the vacuum cleaner for us, and let me in the shop to pick it up. She showed us pictures of her dogs.
There were two Vet Techs at the store getting cleaning stuff for their hospital and they made my tail wag! They reminded "mom" that I will eat way too much and get really fat if she is not careful. I guess Labradors really like to eat. "Mom" promised them she would take good care of me and feed me just the right amount to help me grow big and strong.
I will never know what chocolate cake tastes like, oh well...

Friday, May 8

Princess is my hero...

She can climb trees!! She has lived as a Carter for almost 11 years. Even though she acts as if she doesn't like me, I love her. She is my hero.

Wednesday, May 6

The learning begins, not for me but for the family...

My first week as a "Carter Dawg" was full of new discoveries! Not just for me but for my new family. Our friend Barb the trainer, came by to help them understand why my sister Ella and I can not learn at the rate that they thought we would. For instance, my ear canals just opened completely at 5 1/2 weeks. And most importantly our little puppy bladders will not be totally controllable for another several weeks!

From Eight to Ten weeks is when my brain will imprint fear. Anything that scares me at this stage will stick with me for my entire life. It could be the cat slapping me, or the sound of a boat motor firing up!..

Hank, wisely, decided not to take me for a boat ride this week end. If I was frightened by the unstable boat motion, or the sound of the motor, it would keep me from being the water dog that he wants me to be!

After all I'm only a baby.

Friday, May 1

Visit to the vet, and playing with Ella

Princess and I waited for our turn in the examination room. She was nervous, but I was chill.

I weigh 12.5 pounds. Princess is 56.

It's all in your attitude, but Princess was still unsure. Poor old girl.

When Ella got to the house, we played until we dropped fast asleep...


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