Wednesday, May 6

The learning begins, not for me but for the family...

My first week as a "Carter Dawg" was full of new discoveries! Not just for me but for my new family. Our friend Barb the trainer, came by to help them understand why my sister Ella and I can not learn at the rate that they thought we would. For instance, my ear canals just opened completely at 5 1/2 weeks. And most importantly our little puppy bladders will not be totally controllable for another several weeks!

From Eight to Ten weeks is when my brain will imprint fear. Anything that scares me at this stage will stick with me for my entire life. It could be the cat slapping me, or the sound of a boat motor firing up!..

Hank, wisely, decided not to take me for a boat ride this week end. If I was frightened by the unstable boat motion, or the sound of the motor, it would keep me from being the water dog that he wants me to be!

After all I'm only a baby.

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